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It started with Two Jack Russels, a love for wood and a indigenous wild fig tree, then building a timber frame holiday home to compliment the tree.

From there we started looking at all things made of wood to add to the rustic appeal. Over time Two Jack Russels became 6 and more homes, decks, chainsaw carvings, chainsaw mill and wine barrel furniture etc.  Being a Lover of Nature and observing how tree fellers just merely chopped the precious big trees inspired me to bring them back to life again. Did my first chainsaw carving from a tree felled close by that I thought would be a disaster surprisingly turned out to be a unique piece of saligna benches attached to a saligna dolphin carving.

One day came across a photo of a wine barrel Adirondack chair and found a used wine barrel, put myself to the challenge to reverse engineer it from the photo with my own few design changes. As the staves don’t really have square sides I made use of a skill that I picked up from my Log Home building course I did, by scribing I was able to cut and fit all the pieces perfectly even at angles.

Now finally we have enough to show, perfected our skills and creativity and are ready to play with  various ideas of things we can make for you!