Our Services Overview

Instead of being a “Jack of all Trades” we rather consider ourselves “a Touch of Class”

If it’s something with a difference you’re looking for, we are more than happy to design, suggest and deliver!

Why blend into a crowd when you can “Stand out” that’s how we like to perceive ourselves, service and deliverance wise! How many times did you rack your brain to come up with that “Perfect Personalised” gift for that someone Special in your life? We have just made it so much easier for you by taking time to know our clients, treat them like family rather than just another number lost on a page! By getting to know our client’s likes and dislikes, we are able to use that information when creating! That being said, Art cannot be rushed as it does not blend in with the Buzz of everyday life, but rather has its own tranquil creative rhythm supplying a platform for the Artisan to do his/her magic!

Whether it is furniture for everyday use or a beautiful art décor piece which you as our client would appreciate every time you look at it, we aim to please and guarantee product satisfaction at the end of the day. Therefore, we dislike the words:” dead line” and “production’ and although we try our outmost to deliver in a reasonable time frame, you must consider the uniqueness of every creation and consider that everything good is worthwhile waiting for. That is the very reason why we don’t mass produce like other stores, but rather concentrate and strive on delivering quality every time!

We have created a Pinterest link for you to follow and feast your eyes on the many ideas on offer. Although we haven’t made all the items on view, we are more than confident that we could produce a similar product if not better, with a hint of our own personal touch of course! Also pending on the type of wood used finishes may differ.
But as they say, the “Proof is in the pudding”! So, place your order and let’s start cooking!