Building Division

Having completed a hands-on course in the Eastern Cape Province on building solid Log Homes, gave me an extra edge on the know-how of working with Timber in a multitude of ways! Skills learnt has expanded my field of creating as well as designing unique facets of building Timber Frame cabins and decking around and amongst the trees rather than having these wonderful living creatures chopped down to the ground. Building with Timber is not only eco-friendly to the environment, but also rewarding!

It has become my mission to educate fellow home owners who wants to build their own Timber Frame Home themselves not just to save money in doing so, but also to know the ins and outs of building such a home by means of hiring and overseeing a building contractor. My wife and I, being young and uneducated, have experienced the unfortunate down fall of hiring an independent contractor who absconded the project and left us with an incomplete home barely standing upright and no funds to complete the project! Being desperate and having lost all trust in humankind, we got stuck in repairing it ourselves together with a retired skilled carpenter and Engineer, guiding us along! Nerve wrecking and expensive as this experience was, we got stronger and more educated along the way and learnt to trust again!

In a nut shell, I don’t wish such an experience on my worst enemy! Therefore, on offer now is a course given by me at an affordable price over scheduled weekends whereby you learn all you need to know to tackle a home building project all by yourself or having the knowledge to oversee the builder building for you. Accommodation is available at an additional price while attending such a course. Inquire within for more details should you be interested.